The great thing about the tourism industry, especially within a niche market is the level of enthusiasm and general openness we have received within the industry since starting the Mini Mack Tours.  smallcarBIGCITY (a classic car hire and tour company based in London) certainly falls into that bracket and warmly welcomed when they reached out to us to say they would be in Edinburgh for the weekend.  When I say they, it was Tony Grant (Head Gasket of smallcar) and his lovely wife Julia who made the trip up North to check us Edinburgers out.  

Taking a slight detour from the normal route, we started off with a wee walk along Portobello promenade which is based in the East of Edinburgh, right on the Firth of Forth.  True to a typical early March day, it was fricking freezing, but nice for our new friends to see something new and to my mind the beach is an under used asset for visitors of Edinburgh as a whole. From there we ventured off to our first 3 stops on the regular tour showcasing the hidden delights of our beautiful city.   Since we have only been running our tours for 10 months it was great to hear from another fellow professional, their thoughts and opinions as to the locations and experience our tour offers, as well as get a few pointers and tips for future tours.    

If you are ever in London, you need to check these guys out   With a fleet of beautiful classic minis, their tours will take you on experiences based on the Beatles, the Italian Job, treasure hunts, team building events as well as quick private tours around the parts of the city most people don't get to see - a bit like us :)   Meeting your so called 'competitors' has been a pleasure as well as an education in making sure our customers have the best time while visiting their chosen city. After all, this is the reason why we do it!