Your Edinburgh Concierge Service

On numerous occasions while out on tour, our customers ask us about where to find the best places to eat, drink and visit around Edinburgh.  We love our city, as we are born and bred here and we want you to love it too by having the best experience while in town, whether you are here for a couple of days or a couple of weeks.  Our specially selected places of interest are tried and tested from a local perspective, so you really do get that local experience.  


Who’s it for?

Visitors in Edinburgh who are looking for a local perspective of where to eat, drink, tour, visit and enjoy in Edinburgh.  If you want the hassle and stress taken out of trailing through endless websites and mixed reviews, speak to us and we’ll create a bespoke itinerary, so you can visit the places even the locals don’t know about, with tables and taxis booked, so all you have to do is turn up.


How does it work?

Let us know what type of experience you are looking for, what food you like, trips and excursions you want to experience.....then we take care of the rest.  Each choice contains 3 options, complete with postcode, description and web address.  Why not let us book your taxis, restaurants, activities or whatever else you need taken care of prior to your trip starting at £30.  Thereafter we send you a complete itinerary and all you have to do is show up!



Up to 5 choices



Up to 7 choices



Up to 12 choices

Let us book your tours, restaurants & taxis’s starting from £30

Book your whole itinerary in advance and live like a local

Take your pick from the following suggestions below or get in touch and tell us what you are looking for.  If something isn’t on the list, let us know and we will happily help you.