The home of golf


The beautiful town of St. Andrews situated in the Kingdom of Fife is known globally as the 'home of golf'.  Situated only 53 miles North East of Edinburgh, our Mini Mack Tours take a short trip over the bridge where the Firth of Forth divides to one of the most stunning locations in the whole of Scotland.

We love visiting St. Andrews as the town is enriched with the famous 'old course', St. Andrews Cathedral and St. Andrews University which dates back to the early 15th century.  It's fast becoming one of our most popular bucket list trips as the mixture of golf history, scenery and architecture make for a great wee tour.



Come and join us as we tour through the town and walk along the gorgeous coastline beside the sea.  

Did you know that the word golf is actually an acronym?  Gentlemen Only Ladies Forbidden.  Terrible huh?